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Welcome to The Red Poppy Design Studio

The effects of COVID-19 on businesses like The Red Poppy Design Studio have made it very difficult to provide the in-person level of dedication we devote to our customers. However, this pandemic has shown us how valuable that contact really is and until guidelines change, we at Red Poppy have your safety in mind, first and foremost. All of us here promise to adhere to these guidelines, whether that's masking up or social distancing, and continue to make your experience with us as wonderful as it can be.

Statue with Mask

Corona Virus in the Art Industry    and Our Promise...

Red Poppy

Pet Portraits

A Perfect Way To Remember...

The Red Poppy Design Studio has a collaboration of artists who are dedicated to preserving the memory of your beloved pet. Whether your pet is still around or has passed away, we at The Red Poppy put our time, love, and passion into giving you a piece of them that will always remain close to your heart.

Your Home or Business,

First impressions set the tone for how your guests or your customers feel when they walk through your door. With Red Poppy, you can make their experience memorable! Custom painting, tablescapes, and unique décor pieces will make your home or business stand out from the rest! 

Business   & Home 


Every wedding starts with a good partner...

The Red Poppy Design Studio does most of our wedding and other event work in collaboration with Bella Fiori Floral & Event Design, run by the talented Patricia Glennon. We even share our studio space, bringing the talents of all our members under one roof. This partnership allows us to bring customers into multiple avenues of this industry - from floral work to custom bouquet portraits and everything in between.

Floral & Events

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